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Guided by strategic action

Shaped by authentic relations

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NB communication

Nota Bene: creative, strategic, inclusive communication.

NB communication is an independent communication and public affairs agency and consultancy based in Lausanne, Switzerland.

With an eye for detail and a passion for language, NB communication takes note of what is essential to you to help you optimise your communication, to create tailor-made communication strategies, and to help you find the right words and forum to tell your story and engage your community and partners.



NB: imagining creative solutions

In a world increasingly saturated with information, it has become even more critical to observe. To listen. To read between the lines. In order to capture what is essential. To identify the details which make the difference. Which make you authentic. To enhance your voice, your purpose, your community.

NB helps you define what will resonate with your audience(s), where, when, and why. By thinking creatively. Planning strategically. Anticipating and mitigating risks. Using the right tools and channels for you to have an impact. To communicate simply but effectively.

  • Communication analysis, mapping, and positioning
  • Strategic communication and engagement planning
  • Reputational risk management and mitigation
  • Crisis and Event communication
  • Consulting


NB: making words matter

Language has the power to shape perceptions. Create inspiring stories. Guide communities. Change attitudes and drive action. What you say, but more importantly, how you say it, is key.

NB helps you find the right words and use them meaningfully to tell your story and engage your community. In English or in French.

  • Storytelling and campaigns
  • Content identification, messaging and tone of voice
  • Copywriting, editing and general editorial support regardless of platform


NB: building authentic collaborations

As we enter a highly digitalised era, the tools we use to communicate have changed. Our stakeholders have multiplied. Our needs have not. People are at the heart of what we do. Developing authentic stakeholder relations builds involvement, trust and a sense of continuation. It can prove crucial in resolving issues, especially in a time of crisis.

NB helps you create an environment and communication where internal and external stakeholders or partners feel like a meaningful and valued collaborator. To co-construct and co-create a cohesive vision for your organisation’s future. After all, “together we go further”.

  • Stakeholder engagement and institutional relations-building | B2B communication
  • Media and Public Relations
  • Network and community development and engagement
  • Internal communication planning


NB: speaking with purpose

Authenticity and purpose drive what we do and how we do it. NB puts language to good use. Whether it’s helping you find your voice or raise awareness for your cause. Whether it’s taking the floor to share our knowledge, experience and insights.

Sometimes one must go beyond the written word. To bring words to life. To call people to action. Because we’re passionate and want to help change the conversation – or at least ensure the narrative evolves – on the topics that matter to you and us.

  • Speech-writing, message crafting, information dissemination planning
  • Public-speaking engagements:
    • Emcee, moderation, presentations, seminars/webinars and conferences
  • Thought leadership across key topics:
    • Promotion and awareness-raising of bias and the gender narrative
    • Equality and inclusion in and through sport and education
    • Prevention of harassment and abuse in sport
    • Integrity and governance
  • Consulting


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NB communication

Nadia Bonjour
Founder & Advisor
Lausanne | Switzerland